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Here comes big fun
I'm steppin' out with a special one
Here comes big fun
Got through the week somehow...

— Spring 2001

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Choir Seniors 2004

Congratulations to the Merrillville High School Choirs Class of 2004! As the year draws to a close, we are honoring our seniors here by displaying their bios and senior pictures online. Be sure to see our Spring Concert... Only in America (May 20th at 7:30 PM) to catch these talented students in their last performance with the MHS Choirs!

Jennifer Agoris, daughter of Eleftherios and Theodora Agoris, has been involved in choir all all four year of high school. She has participated in Varsity Choir, Concert Choir, Velveteens, and Choralteens. Jennifer plans on going to Indiana University Northwest, majoring in elementary education. She would like to thank Mrs. Reinhart and Mr. Emig for all the valuable lessons they taught her and also her family for all of their support. "To all my friends, good luck in all you do, and I will miss you all so much! Thanks for the memories!"Jennifer Agoris

Brittiney Treniece BlueBrittiney Treniece Blue comes from musical family where her mother is Cassandra Magee-Blue. Brittiney began singing at an early ago of five, performing in church choirs. She has been singing in Merrillville choirs from 8th grade right on through her senior year of high school. In the fall of 2003, she participated in the production of Ragtime as a harlem dancer. She also recently sang with the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra. Her plans are to attend Indiana State University in the fall of 2004. She is currently undecided on what she wants to pursue but plans on having music in her life in some way.

Christine Bynum is the daughter of Leora Lovell and Cleveland Bynum. Outside of school, she is in a dance group that is known as "Perfection." Dancing with this group helps her to learn her dances in choir. She plans to attend Ivy Tech State College, majoring in the medical field to enter the nursing profession. Christine also participated in the student advisory board this past year. Her favorite choir memory is of the Monday and Wednesday night rehearsals.Christine Bynum

Vincent D.J. ColeVincent D.J. Cole is the son of Darnell and Theresa Cole. He is planning on attending Robert Morris College next year on a soccer scholarship for cooking school. At Merrillville, he was involved in soccer, track, cheerleading, Key Club, and S.A.D.D. One memory he'll never for get from choir is his first year in Vocalteens when "we did a breakdown dance and the crowd get real loud 'cause they loved it."

A.J. Davis is the son of Anthony and Sheila Davis. For the past three years, he has been a member of the Merrillville High School Vocalteen/Choralteen choirs. Outside of the choral program, A.J. has participated in several theatre productions such as Bye Bye Birdie, The Pirates of Penzance, The Laramie Project, and, his personal favorite, Ragtime. He also participated in marching band at MHS for three years and has been a member of his church choir since 1991. In the fall, A.J. will be attending Indiana State University, majoring in music business and minoring in musical theatre. A.J.'s most memorable moments were all of the daytime Vocalteen performances and the 3-hour practices during the week.A.J. Davis

Christina L. DavisChristina L. Davis is the daughter of Leroy and Claudia Davis. She would like to thank God for his guidance and favor and her parents for their encouragement and support. Christina has participated in Merrillville choral programs since 5th grade. In her four years in high school choir, she has been in Varsity Choir, Concert Choir, Velveteens, and is presently in Vocalteens. In addition to singing, she is also involved in dancing and piano at Corine's Dance Studio. Christina is also active in church, the dance ministry, children's ministry, and television ministry. She is active in school, a member of STAND, Key Club, and Teens for Christ. Her most memorable moments in choir were when she became a Vocalteen and Ragtime. Christina plans to attend Indiana University Northwest. To the other graduates and underclassmen, she'd like to say, "may God bless you, and find a song and sing it!"

Keith Eaton, the proud son of Keith and Mae Eaton, has been in the choral program at Merrillville High School for four years. He is the fourth out of six children and will be the third to graduate from MHS. Freshman year, he was a superb member of the Concert Choir. After his first year with this choir, he moved up into the Choralteens. During this second year of choir, he participated in many memorable performances, the biggest highlight of which was the Choralteens' performing with Kenny Rogers in a Christmas medley at the Radisson hotel. In his third and fourth years of choir, he moved up to the top show choir, the Vocalteens. This year has been his most spectacular year, in which he achieved his first leading role in the musical Ragtime when he portrayed the role of Booker T. Washington. Keith has performed in many other functions throughout his years in high school. After graduation, he will be attending Indiana University in Bloomington; his major is still undecided.Keith Eaton

Ben GravesBen Graves did not submit a biography. Shame on him.

Jasmine Jackson, the daughter of John and Judy Jackson, was in Concert Choir for half of a year and Choralteens for a year. Her favorite choir memory is the musical Ragtime and "the fun we had together." She is planning on majoring in Secondary Education (Science) at the University of Southern Indiana in Evansville.Jasmine Jackson

Randy JohnsonRandy Johnson is the son of Craig and Deborah Johnson. He participated in the Concert Choir for one year before becoming a Vocalteen and Choralteen for three years. This year, he also learned volumes by taking a music theory class and is now fully capable of writing, singing, and playing his own music. He has also been playing and studying guitar privately for three years. Recently this year he performed live for the first time, singing two songs at Royal Music. Outside of music, Randy is very active in the academic competitions and has studied very hard. He is also a member of the National Honor Society and is one of the two salutatorians of the class of 2004. This coming fall, Randy will be attending Purdue University West Lafayette campus to study nuclear engineering. Of all his choir memories, the bus ride home from Branson in 2002 stands out as Randy's most memorable moment in choir. The 2004 trip to Chicago also ranks high on his list of favorite choir memories. He would additionally like to thank everyone who helped or did not hinder Project Chicago. The two musical experiences that Randy will always carry with him are singing "The People That Walked in the Darkness" (a very difficult piece from The Messiah) and his upcoming last-quarter final, which he promises to make unforgettable. He wishes the very best to all of his underclassman friends.

Tara Johnson is the daughter of Daryl and Terri Johnson. She has been in choir for four year, participating in Varsity Choir for one year, Concert Choir for one year, and Velveteens for two years. She also participated in the ISSMA competition for two years. Tara is involved in her church choir and praise dance. She has also been involved with the high school dance team for four years. Tara will be attending Indiana State University and majoring in nursing; she wants to be come an obstetrician. Her most memorable moment in choir was when the choir sang at the Star Plaza Theatre.Tara Johnson

Megan KorsMegan Kors is the daughter of Tim Kors and Kathy Starko. She has participated in choir all four years at Merrillville High School, spending one year each in Varsity Choir and Velveteens and two years in Vocalteens. Outside of choir, Megan has been involved in school musicals, National Honor Society, and dance classes. Megan's most memorable moments in choir include the spring break trips, concerts, and Vocalteen performances. In the fall, Megan is planning to attend Purdue University Lafayette to study in Animal Sciences and possibly major in Veterinary Medicine. "Good luck to everyone in the choir family! I will miss all of you next year! Thank you Mr. Emig for such great musical experiences! I would also like to thank my family for all their love and support!"

Rebecca Ann Longacre, daughter of Dave and Ann Longacre, is currently a senior member of Choralteens and Vocalteens. Rebecca feels accomplished as her long journey with high school has come to an end. She participated in Southlake Children's choir and state choirs in elementary school, then continued with choir through middle school. In high school, she was a member of Velveteens for one year and is now completing her second year of Choralteens and Vocalteens. Throughout her time at MHS, Rebecca has received voice lessons and participated in three musicals. Her many years of vocal training have prepared her for her future college, IU Bloomington, where she greatly anticipates joining their excellent choral program. Rebecca intends to major in journalism and to continue with music after college is completed.Rebecca Ann Longacre

Samantha Yin Ling LooSamantha Yin Ling Loo was born on September 24th, 1985 to Stephen and Christine Loo. She is a Vocalteen but also loves to sing and dance outside of choir. She played Emma Goldman in the fall musical Ragtime, and she and Rebecca Longacre co-choreographed and performed dances together for Revue 2003 and 2004 (school talent shows). While in high school, Samantha has also participated in S.T.A.N.D., drama club, the National Honor Society, and S.A.D.D. In the fall of 2004, she plans to attend Indiana University in Bloomington and major in Secondary Education. She hopes to become a high school teacher or lawyer, but wants to keep her passion for singing, dancing, and fashion design.

Isaiah Mercado, the proud son of Angle Mercado and Penelope Strokes, has been a member of the MHS choir for two years. Isaiah plans on attending Columbia College in the fall, majoring in music performance. He is also involved in church choir, records music in the studio, dances, and loves spending time with his girlfriend Tanya.Isaiah Mercado

Katherine Dudzy MontalbanoKatherine Dudzy Montalbano is the daughter of Andrew and Lori Montalbano. She became a Varsity Choir member her freshman year, moving on to become a Velveteen for the past three years. Katherine is a Merrillville volunteer firefighter at St. #2. She has been to US Naval school and fireman training for the past three years. After high school, she hopes to become a New York City firefighter/EMS and/or to be shipped overseas in the US Navy. Her favorite moments in choir were the time she spent participating in the musicals The Pirates of Penzance and Bye Bye Birdie.

Jennifer Dawn Mustafa is the daughter of Joe and Sharon Mustafa. Freshman year, Jennifer was a part of the Velveteens, moving up to Choralteens sophomore year and finally on to Vocalteens junior and senior year. She has also been involved in poms, swimming, theatre, and church choir throughout high school. After high school, Jennifer will be attending the University of Indianapolis for music education. Her most memorable moment is singing "The Prayer" for Mrs. Emig at the 2002 Christmas concert.Jennifer Dawn Mustafa

Danielle OvanekDanielle Ovanek, daughter of Mike and Cindy Ovanek, plans on attending Purdue Calumet in the fall, majoring in physical therapy. In addition to her four years of choir, she was a member of the golf team and dance team during high school. Her most memorable moment in choir was "just the class in general. It was fun, and everyone was such good friends and got along with each other."

Missy Paniaguas is the youngest daughter of John and Kathy Paniaguas. She began dancing at age 10, acting at age 13 and singing at 14. Throughout her life, performing has been a priority. In middle school, she played the role of Grace in Annie and, in high school, portrayed Evelyn Nesbit in the musical Ragtime. She would like to thank Mr. Emig and the choir class for giving her the opportunities of a lifetime, hours of fun, and friendship. Next year she will be attending Purdue West Lafayette where she will study chemical engineering. She wishes the best of luck to everyone and sends her love.Missy Paniaguas

Carmen PickettCarmen Pickett, daughter of Jacob and Roxie Pickett, has been involved in the MHS choral department for two years. She has participated in various plays including school plays The Pirates of Penzance and Ragtime. Carmen plans to pursue her journalism career at DePaul University in the fall of 2004. She has also been involved in other school activities such as track, Key Club, and more.

Alec E. Reeder is the son of Thomas and Missy Reeder. He has only been in choir for one year. Alec enjoys surfing, skating, running, and football. After high school, he is obligated to the United States Navy; he will be an AW (aviation weapons and systems operator).Alec E. Reeder

Leslie RodgersLeslie Rodgers, daughter of John and Carol Rodgers, has loved singing since she was a child. She often told her parents that this is what she wants to do in life. To help her get there, Leslie's parents have put her in voice lessons & taken her to competitions. An active member in Merrillville High School's Dramatic Society, Leslie played Sarah in Ragtime and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. She plans on attending Columbia College in Chicago, IL and majoring in vocal performance with a minor in musical theatre.

Jodi Nicole Suggs, daughter of Michael L. and Gina Suggs, has been in choir for four years and in Velveteens for two years. She is involved in church choir and praise dance at the New Hope Missionary Baptist church. Jodi has also been an MHS cheerleader for four years. She plans on attending Texas Southern University to study business.Jodi Nicole Suggs

Rebecca Elizabeth Ternes Rebecca Elizabeth TernesRebecca Elizabeth Ternes, daughter of Alex Ternes and Theresa Quinn, has participated in choir all four years at Merrillville High School, with one year in Varsity Choir, one year in Velveteens, and two year in both Choralteens and Vocalteens. With the choir, she has traveled to such places as Branson, Missouri; New York City, New York; and Chicago, Illinois, as well as performing with the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra this past Christmas. In addition to choir, Rebecca has participated in various musicals in her high school career, including Bye Bye Birdie, The Pirates of Penzance, and Ragtime. She has also participated in ISSMA vocal competitions and is currently taking vocal lessons with Becky Osborn at Music of Oz in Crown Point. In the fall, Rebecca plans to attend Ball State University and plans to always keep music as part of her life. Finally, she would like to thank Mr. Emig for being her mentor, teaching her not only about music, but also life, and for being one of her best friends.

Samantha A. Yurechko is the daughter of William and Marie Yurechko. She started her MHS choir experience in Varsity Choir, moving up to Velveteens as a sophomore, then on to Choralteens as a Junior and Senior. Samantha has also joined the Creative Writing Club, French Club, and STAND during her high school career. Her college goal is to attend basic classes at IUN, then transfer to IU-Bloomington to double major in Secondary Education and British Literature, plus minor in sign language to help those with special needs.Samantha A. Yurechko

Jeffrey Paul Zweig, IIJeffrey Paul Zweig, II is the son of Jeff and Marilyn Zweig. He's been in many community musical productions such as Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Oklahoma, and The Sound of Music, and has helped bring outstanding success to the dramatic program this year with Ragtime and The Laramie Project. He also produces his own independent films. Jeff will be attending Indiana University Bloomington, majoring in communications and culture. He is also one of two of the school's senior advisors for the television studio PNN (the Pirate News Network). He has been involved with the former creative writing club, is a 4-year thespian with the dramatic society, and has been on the pirate council. Jeff's most memorable choir experience was the visit to the firehouse where the movie Ghostbusters was shot during the choir trip to New York City.
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