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Choir Seniors 2003

Congratulations to the Merrillville High School Choirs Class of 2003! As the year draws to a close, we are honoring our seniors here by displaying their bios and senior pictures online. Be sure to see our Spring Concert... Rock the Jukebox to catch these talented students in their last performance with the MHS Choirs!

Note to Seniors: Only those who submitted both a senior picture and a bio have been published here.

Click a student's name below to read their bio and see their senior picture...
Christine Aloia

Christine AloiaChristine AloiaChristine Aloia, daughter of Garry and Marge Aloia, has participated in the Merrillville choral program since 6th grade. Over the years, she has been involved in Varsity Choir, Velveteens, Choralteens, and has had two years of experience in Vocalteens. Besides choir, Christine has spent many hours of her time being involved in other activities throughout her high school years. She is the captain of the MHS volleyball team as well as the MHS varsity cheerleading squad. Also, she is the vice-president of National Honor Society and treasurer of French Club. Christine has also participated in class government, student government, musicals, club volleyball, piano, and dance classes over the years.

Stephanie Bigelow

Stephanie Bigelow is the daughter of Laurie Bigelow and Herb Bigelow. She has been involved in choir all four years at MHS. Current she is involved in Vocalteens in the choir. Her most memorable moment would have to be "Totally 80's Night" at practice. She plans to attend Purdue Calumet in the fall. She is majoring in Early Childhood / Elementary Education.Stephanie Bigelow

Rebecca Evans

Rebecca EvansI, Rebecca Evans, daughter of Richard Allen Evans, and Viola Louise Evans, sister of Sibrina Louise Evans have had this fun in choir: Freshman Year - Varsity Choir, Sophomore Year - Concert Choir, Junior Year - Velveteens, Senior Year - Velveteens. I have yet to finish my senior, but I know that it will be great. I haven't chosen a college that I will attend in the fall, yet, but I have chosen my major: English.
My favorite memory has to be my friends that I made in class, Concert Choir when I found the voice I wanted, or soon to want, letting the balloons drop on my junior year spring concert, Pirates of Penzance, ISSMA, and I couldn't believe how much fun I had in New York.
My worst memory has to be when I missed my junior year trip to Branson, Missouri due to being in the hospital.

Kris Greene

Kristopher Greene is the son of Larry and Diane Greene. Kris has been active in choir since his freshman year with the past two years as a Vocalteen. Along with his choir activities and studies, he manages to hold down a part-time job. He looks forward to the warm weather so that he could enjoy boating at his family's summer home. He plans to attend Indiana University Northwest studying Business.Kris Greene

Sarah Kennedy

Sarah KennedySarah Kennedy is the daughter of Ted and Mary Kennedy. She has been involved in choir for four years including one year in Varsity Choir, one year in Velveteens, and two years in Choralteens and Vocalteens. She hopes to attend Butler University to study pharmacy. She wishes the best of luck to all choirs.

Jaime Ortiz

Jaime George Ortiz is the son of Karen and Jaime F. Ortiz. For the past four years, he has spent most of his time either preparing for a play or practicing for a choir performance. Jaime will be attending Indiana University Bloomington this fall. His interests include architecture, publicity, theatre, dance, and music but he is unsure of what he wants to major in. However, he hopes that his future career will involve theatre and music in some way. Jaime would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Emig, Mrs. Seaver, and Mrs. Reinhart for the many valuable lessons they have taught him whether they be lessons in music or theatre or lessons in life and success. He would also like to thank his parents, his family, and his grandma (his "#1 fan") for their ongoing support. To all his friends, thanks for the memories!Jaime Ortiz

Trevy Ana Ramos

Trevy RamosTrevy, daughter of Linda and Raul Ramos, was involved in areas of dance, voice, and piano. She performed with the MHS Pom / Dance Team (4 years / 2002-2003 Captain) and completed four MHS summer camps - Marching Band, Pom / Dance Team, Flag Team, and Choir. In addition to dancing with the MHS Marching Band at football games and Marching Band competitions and with the Pep Band at basketball games and with the Marching Band (Poms) in 4th of July Parades, she was part of a Special Tribute Choir Performance during a football game honoring those fallen on 9/11. Trevy also performed in IHSDTA (Dance) competitions in Solo, Small Ensemble, and Team categories at local and regional levels and Team category at local, regional, and state levels. During her three years in the MHS Choir, she performed various choral works in the Fall, Winter, and Spring Concerts (Sophomore-Velveteens) (Junior/Senior-Choralteens) as well as vocal solo, duet, ensemble, dance, and piano. While in Choralteens, Trevy competed at ISSMA in Vocal and Piano solo categories. Additional credits include singing in MHS combined orchestra/choir performance; the Kenny Rogers Christmas Show (2001); Branson, Missouri (Spring 2002); and New York City Music Festival (upcoming Spring 2003). She studied Voice with Susan Emig (2001-2002) and Jennifer Redlarczyk (2002-2003) and studied piano and performed recitals with Rosemary Shudick (1996-2003). Trevy also cantored at St. Stephen the Martyr Church (Summer 2001) under direction of Susan Emig. During her Junior/Senior years, she worked year-round as a part-time Cashier/Receptionist/Secretary at J.C. Penney Styling Salon at Westfield (formerly Southlake) Mall in Merrillville. Trevy has been admitted for Fall 2003 at Indiana University-Bloomington where she plans to major in pre-med.

Jennifer Slivka

Jennifer Slivka is the daughter of Tom and Cheryl Slivka. Jennifer has been involved with choir for four years. She thinks Mr. Emig is the greatest teacher in the world. He has inspired her in more than many ways. Her favorite choir experience was when we put on an 80's night at choir practice. It was hilarious! She will be attending IU Northwest with her major in Dental Hygiene.Jennifer Slivka

Laura Sopko

Laura SopkoLaura SopkoLaura R. Sopko is the daughter of Mike & Cheryl Sopko. She has been in choir all four years of high school. She has participated in Varsity Choir, Velveteens, Choralteens, and Vocalteens. Laura has also been involved in varsity soccer, numerous plays and many after-school organizations. She is planning on going to the University of Indianapolis with a major in elementary education and a minor in music. Laura has enjoyed her years in choir very much and loved singing the Gloria her junior year. "Good luck to everyone and I'll miss you all so much next year! Love you!"

Fontaine Stegall

Parents are Jerone and Brenda Stegall. Throughout high school she has been involved in cheerleading, the dance team, key club, and STAND. However choir has been a favorite activity ever since 7th grade. She loves performing and entertaining a crowd. Fortaine plans on going to the Navy's nuclear power school or the college of her choice. She also plans to stay active in a choir for as long as she can.Fontaine Stegall

Aimee Street

Aimee StreetAimee Street is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Street. She was in Concert Choir for three years and is currently in Velveteens. Aimee's favorite memories of choir are of going to Branson. She is looking forward to visiting and performing in New York City. Aimee has also been involved with the Drama Department and is a National Thespian member. While Aimee is not yet sure of a major, she plans to attend Indiana State University in Terre Haute where she would like to study music, theatre, and history.

Kathleen Kelley Szot

Kathleen Kelley Szot is the daughter of John & Patricia Szot and a second-year Vocalteen. She has been involved in choir since elementary school, but her high school years have been her favorite. Mr. & Mrs. Emig have had a huge impact on her singing. Words cannot express her gratitude to them. Outside of choir, she plays on the varsity tennis team and is secretary of the National Honor Society and French Club. Kathleen is a Valedictorian of the class of 2003 and tentatively plans to attend Butler University. Many of her best high school memories are from choir experiences "Bye Bye Birdie," "Pirates," Vocalteen performances, and choir trips. She will miss the stage but plans to continue singing in the future. "I can't imagine high school without choir. Goodbye and good luck to the choir family. - I'll miss you bunches! Mr. Emig, thank you for countless musical experiences."Kathleen SzotKathleen Szot

Julie Trimble

Julie TrimbleJulie Trimble is the daughter of Richard and Pamela Trimble. Julie has been involved in choir for four years. Julie was in Varsity Choir, Velveteens, Choralteens, and now Vocalteens. Julie is also a diver. Julie's worst choir experience was when she jumped off the stage and broke her ankle then Matt insisted nothing was wrong and she was faking it. Julie will be attending Purdue North Central and majoring in Advertising. Julie would like to thank everyone for four fantastic years! She loves all of your so much! She also wants to thank Mr. Emig. He is such an amazing person and she will miss him very much.

Brandon Waldrop

Brandon is the son of Pam and Darrell Waldrop. He has been in choir all four years of his high school career. He started as a freshman in the Concert Choir. He then joined Choralteens and Vocalteens his sophomore year and continued from there. In addition to choir, he has been a member of National Honor Society his junior and senior years. He plans to attend Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis next fall. He plans to major in pre-medicine with a biology emphasis. His most memorable moments were all the great times at concerts and spring break trips.Brandon Waldrop

Elexas Me' Lon Wise

Elexas WiseDaughter of Jeff and Carmen Cain, Elexas was born December 2, 1984. She is the oldest of three brothers and two sisters. Elexas has been living in the Merrillville district for six years and has always been in choir. After high school, Elexas plans to go to college to be a neonatal nurse.
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