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MHS Choir Boosters Minutes - January 7, 2003

Submitted by TDobes on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 - 1:31am Choir Boosters News
Minutes from the January 2003 meeting are now online! Topics discussed include: Choralteen pictures, choir banquet, Susan Emig Scholarship, new sources of income, ad books, Michigan trip.

President, Mary Kennedy, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Meeting minutes from the December 3, 2002 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer's Report was read. Balance of $14,401,39 this balance includes deposits from and New York trip.

Old Business:

Due to an additional $303.00 check for Entertainment Books, profit for the Entertainment Books was approximately $4000.00. The Sony Digital Camcorder was purchased for $3875.00. This put Choir Boosters under budget to purchase the camcorder. The camcorder was used at the Winter Concert.

Mary thanked everyone that helped at Hidden Lake. We will be receiving a $100.00 check soon.

Winter Concert
Mary thanked everyone for their overwhelming help and support for the Concert. Concert attendance was great. Each committee head spoke briefly. All areas had good help coverage with the exception of the area of Supervision did not have enough help. We will make it a point to make sure that this area is covered for the next concert.

New York City Trip
Next payment of $150.00 is due January 15th. As of now, the trip cost will be $700.00 per student and $450 per chaperone. The students going will perform as a group.

Choralteen picture proofs are in. $10.00 per picture for either a 5x7 or 8x10. Pick your proof and make checks to MHS Choir. All orders must be in by January 12th.

Velveteens will have a picture token in the spring

A possible freshmen picture was discussed.

Banquet Committee has possible location sites of Turkey Creek or Romanian Hall. There should be more information at the next meeting. Date of the Banquet is May 27th.

Still interested in articles or pictures for the Web site.

New Business:

Susan Emig Scholarship fund will be Co-chaired by Mrs. Reinhart and Mrs. Ortiz. We will be looking for volunteers for the committee and ideas on how to fund it.

New income sources were discussed. Mr. Emig would like to sell flavored water from Sam’s Club to the students for $1.00. He had purchased a couple of cases to try. There was an interest in doing it from the students.

Choir Boosters will be getting profits from the Scrooge Musical

Videos from the Winter Concert will be available soon for $7.00. The Pirates of Pinzance will also be available.

Mr. Emig spoke of several construction projects he would like to see take place in the Choir room. He is looking for volunteers to head the projects. It will consist of a shelving unit in his office for the music library and a platform at the back of the room for a computer lab.

Mr. Emig was looking for ideas to keep the music program alive in the Merrillville community. He was asking what boosters thought made the Winter Concert to successful. Boosters felt the ideas of the Potluck, Phone Tree, Web Page and School Announcements are some of the reason. Looking for ideas for the future.

The ad books did very well. We will possibly have them reprinted for the next concert.

Choralteens will be possibly going on a weekend trip to Saline Michigan. They will perform with a group from Saline High School. The trip will take place the 3rd weekend in March.

The concert in March will be March 20th.

Next meeting February 4, 2003. Meeting Adjourned

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