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Choir Boosters Minutes, 9/7/2004

Submitted by TDobes on Friday, October 1, 2004 - 12:24am Choir Boosters News

Meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by President, Dave Festa.

Minutes of the May 4, 2004 meeting were read by Eleanor Naglosky, Vice President and accepted without change.

Treasurer's Report

Checking Account
Opening Balance$3221.29
Choir Camp Expenses$-1188.55
Choir Camp Income$+1405.00
Entertainment Books$+1480.00
Ending Balance$3917.74

Savings Account (Susan Emig Scholarship)

Old Business

  • Two $1000.00 Scholarships were given out at the choir banquet. The recipients were Jennifer Mustafa and A.J. Davis, They will receive the monies in the following way: half the first semester and the remaining half the second semester.
  • Proceeds from the Louie's Tux Shop Prom Coupon were $25.00
  • Choir camp - 31 signed up for camp and 29 attended. Ideas were discussed on how to get more students involved, including encouraging incoming freshmen to attend.
  • "Welcome to Choir" Potluck
    • Held September 25, 2004 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Pierce cafetorium
    • We will give out bumper stickers as favors.
    • Dishes were determined as follows:
      • Seniors and Sophomores - main dish
      • Juniors - salad / veggie
      • Freshmen - dessert
      • Boosters will supply beverages and paper products.
  • Entertainment Book sales will be the only fundraiser this year. The books are $20.00. As an incentive for the students to sell books, they will receive one free for every 5 books sold.
  • Mr. Festa announced that the Choir Booster By-Laws are very outdated and need to be revised. This will be done at a future meeting.

New Business

  • The choir Spring Break trip is being planned to Branson, Missouri. We will (tentatively) be leaving April 4 and return April 8. Ads will be sold to cover the cost of each student's trip.
  • The first concert will be Tuesday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m. All choirs will be involved.
  • Voice lessons are being offered by Mrs. Reinhart and Mrs. Redlarczyk the cost is $8.00 for 20 minutes during class and $10.00 for 30 minutes during lunch.
  • Mr. Emig plans for the choir to participate in the Choir Festival on April 16, 2005.
  • The Spring Concert date has been changed to May 19, 2005. For a list of all upcoming dates, refer to the choir calendar online.
  • The following is a listing of the standing committee chairpersons for 2004/2005:
    • Box Office: Debbie Elser
    • Programs: Joi Patterson
    • Concessions: Deb Nieman and Diane Gedda
    • Supervision: Mr. Hartford (tentative)
    • Costumes: Kim McIilroy and Deb Johnson
    • Phone Tree: Mrs. Reinhart
    • Choral Library: Deb and Steve Elser
    • Showcase: Mrs. Reinhart
    • Set Construction: Deb Nieman
    • Publicity: Mrs. Reinhart and Eleanor Naglosky
    • Chaperones: as needed

The next meeting is October 5, 2004. Meeting was adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Elser

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