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MHS Choir Boosters Minutes - October 1, 2002

Submitted by TDobes on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 - 1:03am Choir Boosters News
Minutes from the October 2002 meeting are now online! Topics discussed include: entertainment books, video camera, the fall potluck, and program ads.

President, Mary Kennedy, called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

The minutes from the Sept. 3, 2002 meeting were read. Debby Johnson noted that it was Randy Johnson that agreed to help on the Class Historian Committee and not herself. All other meeting minutes were accepted.

Treasurer's Report was read. Balance of $9018.20. Collected amount for Entertainment books is $7790.00. Still waiting for bills from bumper stickers and web site.

Old Business:

Entertainment Books went well. There is still about $150.00 of books to be paid for by students. Choir Boosters should make about $4000.00. Mary will have the final amount next month. Choir boosters will be purchasing a Digital Video Camera with the money earned. Kris Greene was the highest seller of books selling 25.

Mary thanked everyone for the help with the potluck. It was a great event. We had approximately 220 people attend. It was felt that the increased attendance was due to the phone tree and having the students perform.

The collection by the students for the Gift Basket and Cards for Mrs. Emig was very successful. The students collected $141.00 towards it. Purchased were a variety of items and Gift Certificates that the Emigs would enjoy. Cards were beautiful and the gift basket was much appreciated.

Costume Committee was able to get the costumes assigned in 3 days. The girls can purchase character shoes for $17. Suggest that all girls have them but they are required for girls in 2nd and 3rd hour. Girls also need to have black spankies. Boys need to have black shiny shoes. These can be purchased at Dunhill.

New Business:

Set construction for Pirates of Penzance will be Thursday Oct 10th at 6:00 p.m. Moms are needed to sew and adapt existing costumes.

Program ads are now available. The money raised for these ads will go into an account for the students spring trip to New York. Whatever amount by the student that is sold, will go into their account. This balance cannot be saved from year to year. These ads will go into the Winter Concert program. It was suggested that the ads go into all concerts performed for the year. It was suggested that a separate book of the ads be put with the programs for each concert. Will discuss this with Mr. Emig.

Choir will be traveling to New York for the Spring Break Trip. Freshmen are not allowed on this trip. Any students that have been suspended expelled or not trust worthy will not be allowed to go. Student deposit in early November. More information to come.

We are looking for a Chairperson for the Choir Banquet. Dave Festa, Dawn Rees, Laurie Bigelow, Pat Szot, Pam & Darrell Waldrop, and Mary Kennedy agreed to over see the planning. We are looking for a location to hold the banquet that would have a reasonable cost.

Our Web Site is up and running. We are looking for articles and pictures from students and parents.

2nd and 3rd hour students need to pay their $40.00 choreography fee. Make checks payable to Merrillville High School.

Next meeting November 5, 2002. Meeting adjourned 7:45 p.m.

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