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MHS Choir Boosters Minutes - September 3, 2002

Submitted by TDobes on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 - 12:26am Choir Boosters News
Minutes from the September 2002 meeting are now online! Topics discussed include: choir camp, entertainment books, the fall potluck, committees and chairpersons, and the choir banquet. Also, you might be interested in reading the Welcome to Choir Boosters letter that was distributed to students before this meeting.

President, Mary Kennedy, called the meeting to order. Mrs. Kennedy introduced Mrs. Reinhart and fellow board members. Mrs. Reinhart thanked everyone for the support that is given by the Choir Boosters.

The minutes from the June 4, 2002 meeting were read and accepted.

Treasures Report was read. Balance of $3918.36. This balance includes deposit of $2745.00 from Entertainment Books there was an additional $1500.00 deposited today.

Old Business:

Choir Camp this past summer went well. It was put together quickly. Had 29 students attend. We hope to get it in place sooner for next year. Hope to include incoming freshman students. The students that attended the camp will perform at the potluck.

Each Choir Student was asked to sell one Entertainment Book. The deadline for the sale is Sept. 12th.

Potluck will be held in the Hall of Flags on Saturday September 7th from 4-6 P.M. Purpose is to help make incoming parents and students feel welcome. Drink and place setting will be provided. Each attending family was asked to bring a dish. Nametags will be issued according to the grade level of the child. Students will perform.

Videos are still available from last years Spring Concert

New Business:

Mrs. Kennedy gave a listing of the different committees and Chairpersons. Asked for volunteers to fill the empty slots. The following was filled:

Costumes - Marilyn Zweig
Box Office - Pat Szot
Showcase - Karen & Jaime Ortiz
Publicity - Juan Otano
Presentation Flowers - Karen Ortiz
Concession - Diane Greene
Supervision - Gina Caldwell-Kaiser
Programs - Karen Ortiz
Phone Tree - Mary Kennedy
Set Construction - Terry Quinn
Choral Library - Terry Quinn

The following have agreed to help in these areas that are still in need of a Chairperson:
Class Historian - Joi Patterson, Dawn Rees, Terry Quinn
Chaperone - Gina Caldwell-Kaiser, Terry Quinn, Toni Sims

Marilyn Zweig set up days to fit students with costumes

We will be working to communicate on the Web Site by advertising our upcoming concerts, events, displaying meeting notes, etc.

Auditions for the musical "Pirates of Penzance" will be held on Thursday and Friday, Sept. 5th and 6th after school, Production dates are November 2, 3, 8, 9

Mary announced the following concert dates and events:

Winter Concert - December 19ISSMA District - February 8
ISSMA State - March 1March Concert - March 20
Spring Concert - May 22Choir Banquet - May 27
Concerts and rehearsals are mandatory for students. ISSMA should be encouraged.

We will be looking for a new hall to hold our banquet. Dave Festa suggested the Methodist Church.

Cards would be made and signed by the choir students for Mrs. Emig. It was suggested that each choir collect $1.00 from each student to go towards a gift for the Emigs. Marilyn Zweig motioned that Choir Boosters also donate $100.00 towards the gift.

Respectfully submitted
Diane Greene - Secretary

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