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Have I told you lately that I love you?
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Take away all my sadness -
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Hey Tom!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wednesday, November 12, 2003 - 6:42pm General Choir Chat
I hate to be so pestery, but do you think that perhaps you could post the dates and times of our VT engagements on the calendar? It would be most helpful, at least to me. Whether or not you do it, I love you anyway!
-Rebecca T.
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Re: Hey Tom!
Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 11/13/2003 - 4:42pm
bc then hed have to post ALL choirs' stuff...not just V O C A L T E E N S
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Re: Hey Tom!
Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 11/13/2003 - 5:45pm
Why are non-vocalteens always so bitter whenever someone mentions vocalteens? I really do not think it is necessary. If you're so concerned about the things in which your particular choir is involved, then take upon yourself to drop Tommy a line and let him know that you're interested. The whole point of this website is to let us know the current events and happenings of the Merrillville Choirs; therefore, I do not think my request was outrageous. I also think Tom may actually appeciate the input, as it shows people are using this site for something productive, and his hard work is not a waste of time. I'm sorry if you think that everytime anyone says anything about vocalteens, he or she is implying that he or she is better than you, because none of us believe that. However, those of us in vocalteens are usually more concerned with the dates of vocalteen performances than those of other groups, seeing as we are required to be in attendance for those. Hopefully you do not feel as bitter anymore, the message left before was meant to request something from Mr. Dobes, not serve as an instigative remark toward other choir members.
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Re: Hey Tom!
Posted by TDobes on Thu, 11/13/2003 - 10:27pm
I read this message this morning and thought to myself, "okay cool -- good request; I'll reply later tonight." I've come back to discover that it's turned into yet another one of those class-rivalry threads. It is completely reasonable to request that Vocalteen dates be placed on the calendar. It is also completely reasonable to request that all other choirs' dates be placed on the calendar. On the average, Vocalteens have more events than the other choirs, so it's to be expected that they would be the first to ask. This "class rivalry" thing is really driving me nuts. All the choirs are talented. End of story.

Ahem! Hi, Rebecca! I would post all the Vocalteen dates if I had them. It's relatively easy to add things to calendar. If you or one of your classmates wanted to send them to me (or persuade Mr. Emig to send them), it would very likely be beneficial to all. Similarly, I will post any dates provided to me by other choirs.

For each event, we'd be interested in knowing:
  • Date
  • Start and end times (or at least start time)
  • Location
  • -and-
  • if you all aren't riding a bus to the event, Driving Directions (usually does not apply)

Mr. Emig mentioned to me that he originally planned on posting the dates on the "Choir Chalkboard" (which he maintains himself), but that feature will most likely be non-functional till this weekend... and that's also dependent him having enough spare time to actually type everything up.

As always, I welcome everyone's suggestions. When I get feedback, I know that people are actually viewing the site, and this makes it feel "worth the time" for me to do future time-consuming updates. (like putting concerts online) Look for a few updates this weekend.

Thanks for the suggestion... and, as Jenni Festa said last year in one of these "rivalry" threads, Can't we all just get along? -- Oh, and love you too Rebecca! Wink!
    - Tom
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