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Sleep my child and peace attend thee
All through the night
Guardian angles God will send thee

— All Through the Night

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Branson Trip 2005 - Student Behavior Contract

  1. I will conduct myself in the appropriate manner befitting a representative of the Merrillville High School Choir. (If you think Mr. Emig would not approve, don't do it and don't tolerate anyone who does.)
  2. I will give my respect to all adults (chaperones, bus drivers, restaurant and hotel employees, etc.). If I have a problem, I will see a chaperone immediately.
  3. While on this school-approved trip, I understand that I am bound under the Merrillville High School student handbook guidelines.
  4. Absolutely no smoking, possession or comsumption of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.
  5. At no time are students allowed to enter a hotel room assigned to members of the opposite sex unless the room doors remains open.
  6. After curfew, I will remain in my assigned room until breakfast the next morning.
  7. Students will adhere to the time schedule in the itinerary so as not to delay the group

Any student who violates any of the above guidelines will not perform and will be remanded to the custody of the chaperones for the balance of the trip. If the infraction warrants, school disciplinary action will be taken following our return. If the infraction is a major disciplinary action, the student will be sent home at the expense of their parent/guardian(s).

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