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Choir Booster By-Laws

Below, you will see the unmodified, current version of the Choir Booster by-laws. A revision of these rules is currently in progress; you can see also view the proposed changes.


Merrillville Choir Boosters



NAME: This organization shall be know as the Merrillville Choir Boosters Association.


OBJECTIVES: To promote the Merrillville choir; to raise funds for the needs of the choir; enterprises; as well as creating a more friendly relationship and unity of purpose between members of the choir, their parents, guardians, the residents of the school district and the public at large.


SECTION I - MEMBERS: All parents and guardians of choir students in the school system are eligible to be members and we solicit the assistance of any others who may be interested.

SECTION II - DUES: Dues shall be $5.00 per person per year.


SECTION I - OFFICERS: The officers of this association shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, all of which shall be members of the association and shall hold office until their qualified successors are duly elected.

SECTION II - TERMS: The President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall hold office for one year and shall be elected each year at the September meeting.

SECTION III - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Choir Director, and Chairmen of all standing committees.


SECTION I - NOMINATIONS: Nominations are made from the floor at the September meeting and voting shall not limited to the nominees.

SECTION II - OFFICERS: These officers shall be elected by ballot at the September meeting for a term of one year and shall serve from the time of their election until their successors are duly elected.

SECTION III: Voting shall be by ballot and a plurality of votes cast shall elect.

SECTION IV: A vacancy occurring in an elected office shall be filled by and election at the next regular meeting.


INSTALLATION: Installation of newly elected officers shall take place at the close of the regular order of business at the September meeting.


SECTION I - PRESIDENT: The President shall preside at all meetings of the association; shall call special meetings; shall appoint all special committees and standing committees; shall set as Chairman, call and preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee; sign all checks and be an ex-official member of all committees except the nominating committee.

SECTION II - VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President shall act and assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

SECTION III - SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep a correct record of all meetings of the association and of the Executive Committee; shall have custody of all books and records pertaining to the business of the association, except those of the Treasurer. The Secretary shall conduct all the correspondance.

SECTION IV - TREASURER: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the association and shall deposit same in a bank approved by the Executive Committee and shall receive all monies from the Secretary and receipt the same for it. He/She shall pay all bills when authorized by a voucher properly signed by the President and Secretary, after it has been approved by the Exectuive Committee by a majority vote at the regular meeting. In case of Emergency, the Executive Committee be allowed to authorize payment of all bills up to $100.00, to be submitted at the next regular meeting for explanation or clarification.

An auditing committee of three, appointed by the President, shall audit the Treasurer's books following the regular April meeting and the report made at the regular meeting in May.

SECTION V - EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The Officers and the Choir Director shall constitute the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall act upon all matters referred to it by the organization, approve all bills, investigate matters of business organization in the general meeting of the association, shall designate all business forms to be used and authorized purchase of same, and act upon such other matters as may be to benefit of the association. Programs outside of school activities shall be under the direction of the Executive Committee. Three members of the Executive Committee shall constitite a quorum.


SECTION I: There shall be three standing committees, as follows:

  • Ways and Means
  • Publicity and Historian
  • Robe Committee

SECTION II: Each standing committee shall consist of a chairman and three members, who shall be appointed by the President. All other committees desired by the association shall consist of a chairman and three members to be appointed by the President.

SECTION III - WAYS AND MEANS: The duties of the Committee shall be to formulate plans and execute such measures as they may demand expedient to obtain funds for the association to enable it to accomplish its purpose.

SECTION IV - PUBLICITY AND HISTORIAN: The duties of this Committee shall be to assemble, edit, and distribute regularly to the various news publishing agencies, notices of meetings, special functions, concerts and all other amtters pertinent to the association and to keep a history of all choral and association activities.

Publicity affecting public policies, legislative action or Board of Education matters in which the association may be concerned shall be referred to the executive committee before releasing same for publication.

SECTION V - ROBE COMMITTEE: The duties of the Robe Committee shall be to issue, recall, and care for all robes/costumes.


SECTION I: The regular meetings of this association shall be held monthly. The membership present shall constitute a quorum. Special meetings may be called by the President whenever the interest of the association demands them. The hour and place of the meeting shall be determined by the President.

SECTION II: The regular September meeting shall be the Annual meeting.


SECTION I: Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all proceedings at all meetings of the association where not otherwise provided for in these by-laws.


SECTION I: Amendments to these by-laws may be presented in writing and read at any regular meeting, and shall be read and acted upon at the next regular meeting.

SECTION II: A two-thirds vote of all members present is necessary for the adoption of any amendment of these by-laws.

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